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Group health insurance and individual health insurance have been the subject of long-term debate. There have been an increase in inquiries regarding corporate health insurance after the government mandated employers provide health insurance to their employees. How does insurance benefit you? We all know how important insurance is, but how does it benefit you? Why is group health insurance beneficial?

As you read this, you’re probably aware of why having good health coverage is a good idea. Whether you’re new to the scene or not, here’s what you need to know. In times of health emergencies, a good health insurance policy is like a rainy day fund. For more information, visit

How does group health insurance work and why should you consider it for your employees?

Benefits of Employer Group Health Insurance

Having group health insurance benefits employers and employees at the same time is one of its most appealing features. All types and sizes of organizations will benefit from group health insurance, but some terms and conditions apply. 

Listed below are all the benefits your organization can enjoy with group health insurance:

1. Keeping an employee healthy is the key to keeping them happy:

The pressures of today’s world make maintaining a healthy lifestyle a challenge. You cannot prevent an illness, but your employees and their families can certainly benefit from medical insurance.

Employees often say having the confidence that their organization has their back is the best feeling in the world. You can offer a safety net for medical emergencies through group health insurance. 

Healthy and happy employees make for a happier workplace, so it’s important to care for them. An organization’s success or failure depends on its people.

2. Reduced tax burden:

Many sections of the Income Tax Department provide tax benefits to employers offering group health insurance to their employees.

Buying a group health plan for employees exempts organizations from certain taxes under Indian tax regulations. Saving money on tax returns and providing care to employees is a win-win for the organization.

3. Talent retention & attraction:

Choosing an organization based on CTC and company culture is one of the most important decisions employees make. However, there has been a shift in the past few months. As employee benefits become increasingly important, they are becoming the third biggest deciding factor.

It helps your organization sway employees’ decisions in your favor with a good health insurance benefits plan.
In addition, it gives the talent acquisition manager an edge over their competition.

4. Goodwill building:

A company’s reputation both within and outside the organization is important in today’s society. 

Additionally, a compelling set of corporate health benefits ensures that the organization’s overall goodwill increases in the market along with a good company culture and growth rate.

5. Cost-effectiveness:

The risk and premium amounts are shared among employees in all group health insurance plans. Comparatively, individual health plans are more expensive and less economical because of this. 

6. Budget-friendly:

The cost of employee health insurance (with good benefits) is much lower than that of individual health insurance or family health insurance. Having the total amount shared with colleagues makes it more budget-friendly.

7. Motivational tools:

In addition to providing employees with great health insurance coverage, it acts as a great motivational tool. Their sense of value ultimately leads to higher productivity and engagement, which leads to higher productivity.

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8. The coverage provided to families by health insurance:

Families with multiple health insurance policies from different providers can have a difficult time coordinating health insurance policies. You can instead enroll your entire family under a single plan by purchasing group health insurance. Employees can thus support their families. 

Policies vary in coverage and claim amounts, but most costs, like medicines, daycare, maternity, and more, are covered in most cases.

For the protection of your employees and their families, you can offer this kind of coverage.

9. Process for claiming is easy:

The hassle-free claim settlement process is one of the greatest benefits of group mediclaim policies. Obtaining documents and making upfront payments for health insurance is a time-consuming process for individual policyholders. They typically receive reimbursements from their employers for hospital bills if they have group medical insurance.


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