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A diamond lasts forever until your engagement ring falls down the drain on your way to the sink or someone steals your grandmother’s necklace. It is possible to purchase jewelry insurance through your homeowners’ or tenants’ insurance policies. But it does not offer a great deal of reimbursement.

There are typically only 3,000 to 6,000 dollars of reimbursement for jewelry, watches, and furs under standard coverage. According to the Co-operators, one item may cost up to $4,000, while the maximum total is $6,000 per item.

A home insurance endorsement can protect your valuable jewelry or watches if you own a considerable collection of jewelry.  For more information, visit

Does jewelry insurance cost a lot?

In general, jewelry endorsement premiums cost between 1% and 2% of the insured item’s value, though this depends on your area’s theft rate and whether you have a security system at home. It could cost your fianc√© between $80 and $160 per year to insure the engagement ring he bought for $8,000.

Jewelry and watches typically receive endorsements for their replacement values, which have an inclination to increase over time. You may need to provide a new appraisal every five years to your insurer whenever you buy coverage for a newly purchased necklace.

Engagement ring insurance: the best option

The receipt provides detailed information about the jewelry purchased. According to the Canadian Jewelers Association, you will need to have your appraisal appraised by an accredited appraiser with the Certified Accredited Appraiser Program.

A comprehensive appraisal report should contain magnified photographs, a detailed description, and an estimated replacement cost. Taking your own photos isn’t a bad idea either. You should include your engagement ring in your home inventory if you plan to insure it. Additionally, if you purchased the piece on sale, you may wish to have an appraisal done before you insure it.

It is imperative that you gather up your house inventory before submitting it to your insurer. Shop around for tenant’s insurance quotes if you rent, and choose the best policy.

Insuring jewelry – alternatives

You might not want to stuff it under your pillow. In the event of fire or flood, you can protect your jewelry in a safe, but jewelry is meant to be worn. So you can’t keep it locked up in a safe. Consider buying a separate policy for your jewelry if you’re looking for alternatives. You may be able to save money at first, but if you have to make a claim, your home insurance premiums for your main policy will not be affected.

It is also important to keep in mind that while insuring jewelry with your home insurance is helpful, if you move, the insurance will lapse. Be sure to add this endorsement to your home insurance policy when you move in.

Check your policy coverage before adding an endorsement or shopping for a new one. The insurance policy may cover your ring if it’s damaged, but it will not cover it if you lose them. Aviva Insurance offers a policy in which jewelry, watches, and furs are insured up to a maximum of $6000 in value, but the policy specifies that 11 exclusions apply. Among them, there are fires, lightnings, riots, and thefts – just to name a few.

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As an example, jewelers mutual insurance, for example, offers individual policies that come into play if you lose an earring, a stone falls out of a ring, or even if your jewelry disappears for no apparent reason. When you find jewelry that has gone missing, you don’t know what happened to it. If you didn’t lock your front door or if your least-favorite cousin stole it, that could be the reason. Hence, even if there are suspicions, but no proof, the policy will cover you.

Ensure that the claims process doesn’t have any restrictions. When you need to fix damaged items or recreate lost or stolen items, some insurance companies require you to use a jeweler of their choice.

Unlike Chubb, which simply sends a check to successful claimants, others are more flexible. In addition to buying the same necklace, the policyholder may invest the money in a GIC that earns high interest.

Jewelry insurance: who offers it?

Throughout this article, we have mentioned Co-Operators, Jewelers Mutual, Chubb, and Aviva insurance companies. All insurance companies offer jewelry insurance, but with what exclusions and at what price? You should contact your current home insurance provider first to find out how much it would cost to include your new ring in your contents insurance.


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